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Process Recipes, Workspace and Custom Styles gone after upgrade from v21 to v22



  • Marco Hyman

    Did you somehow remove your "Library/Application Support/Capture One" folder?  Thats where Workspaces, Styles, Recipes and a bunch of other stuff live.  It does not go away when you install a new version of Capture One.  It might go away if you use a third party app de-installer to remove Capture One 21.

    If it is missing a restore from Time Machine or other backup will get you going again.

  • Gerald Senesac

    I experienced the same when upgrading to v22. No C1 folders or etc were deleted. Just downloaded v22 and installed. I Emailed support weeks ago, but no response back. 

  • Steven Palmer

    I didn’t delete anything. And I checked the Library path. There is no CaptureOne folder. That leads me to wonder where the V22 installer created the default folder. This is not a difficult thing. I will contact support as well.

  • FirstName LastName

    If you are using a Mac, hold down "option" and click on "Go" in the Finder.

    Is there a folder for "Capture one" in the "Application Support" section of the "Library"?


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