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Only company I know that you can upgrade to Version 22 and they give you a Version 20 license that will work on Versioin 22


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  • Keith R
    Top Commenter

    Maybe take your tinfoil hat off, and accept that "mistake" is much more likely than "conspiracy theory"?

    Is this just some sales people who have come up with a unique way to rip off customers by confusing them in what they have purchased? 

    Of course not. This is either an error at their end, or - for all we know - an error at your end.



  • art cayer

    For Several weeks I have asked them to fix this, after over a half dozen replies all I get from them is that since this was a pre-order upgrade to ver 22 and ver 22 did not exist that they graciously put it on my account as a Ver 20 license that does work with ver 22.  And they refuse to change my account to show I have a Ver 22 license since the Ver 20 license works with thier ver 22 product.

    The problem is when I go to do the next upgrade I get the shaft and have to pay for upgrade from ver 20 and not from ver 22.  If this was just a simple error why do they keep refusing to put the Ver 22 on my account?

    So NO this is not an error because they refuse to fix the problem and show my account with the Ver 22 license.  NOT RIGHT in anyones book.

    Unfortunately I do not have a tin foil hat any more since I sent it to their sales staff since that seems appropriate for them.

    You claim that I am getting mad about a "mistake" well all other companies that I know will fix a mistake when they are shown the mistake not just tell me to ignore the mistake because they made the fake license work like a real license.  So this is NO MISTAKE.


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