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I'm not sure if Capture One is listening us about Capture One Live.


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  • OddS.

    > Benjamin Kim: ...Capture One Live is extremely lacking features

    That may well be, but I am not sure it is correct to compare features nor price with the Adobe cloud products. Here is a link to a PetaPixel article about how Capture One has a different perspective:



  • Benjamin Kim

    OddS/ It doesn't change the fact that Live lacks so many feature to be worth $10. Capture One Pro is already expensive than LR+PS+Cloud. Beside what Live can do for $10? 

  • OddS.

    > Benjamin Kim: ...Live lacks so many feature to be worth $10

    Did you buy the wrong product or do you think Live lacks features clearly promised on the wrapping?

    You have listed some features you think should be in Capture One Live (in a different thread), no need to repeat that here. Some of us would probably like to se a list of features clearly promised by Capture One and also clearly missing in the Live product as delivered.


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