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The price of this software is literally ludicrous


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  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    If you hate Adobe, what about DXO? Or RawTherapee?

  • Richard Huggins

    I also dislike Adobe and use Capture One Express for Sony and Affinity Photo (a bit like Photoshop but no subscription), with a few plugins. Suspect you could do the same with C1 Express for fuji?

  • Keith R
    Top Commenter

    The price of this software is literally ludicrous

    The price of this software is what it is.

    There - FTFY.

    That it's too expensive for your personal circumstances/tolerance level is not Capture One's responsibility -  clearly, it sells at a price that the market will bear. 

    I hope the new investors of Capture One enjoy selling this program to the 1%, because there isn't enough of them to sustain a genuine profitable business model.

    Yeah? I've been reading that since version 3, and yet here they are.


    So it seems that you - and all of the doom-mongering "experts" that came before - are wrong about that.

    I'm going back to Adobe, and I hate Adobe, so there's that. BYE CAPTURE ONE

    Nobody cares, fella.


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