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Upgrading to v23


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  • Keith R
    Top Commenter

    Doubtful - the "free new version" deals normally only apply to purchases made around a month before the new version is released.

  • ernst.w

    ...and new Versions are likely released not in October.

  • SFA

    .... but if you have the previous version you should (based on past history) be able to obtain the update for about half the price of the full perpetual license cost.

    In other words for about the same as you would pay for a year of subscription.

  • Bill Coley

    To add a bit of detail to Keith R.'s  and enst.w's responses:

    • In 2019, on October 24 I received an emailed invitation to buy the then-current version of Capture One (ver. 12) so as to upgrade without additional cost to version 20 when it was released.
    • In 2020, on October 23 I received the first emailed invitation to purchase Capture One 21.
    • And in 2021 I received the first notice for Capture One 22 on October 26.

    Post-purchase, each new version was then available for download in early December of those same years.


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