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I'm very disappointed about Capture One's business


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  • David Mantripp

    Having just seen the pricing for iPad - and assuming cloud pricing would be extra - I’m afraid I’m losing faith.  I am a beta tester for iPad, and although taken separately it is quite slick, as part of a CaptureOne workflow it is very very lacking and is far from justifying the subscription price they are asking for.  As a one-off price it would be ok, but every month? Find another fool, CaptureOne.  One could maybe say that the price would be manageable for professional use, but CaptureOne for iPad is not a pro-level product.

    The problem is that for me, CaptureOne delivers the best editing tools, a non-modal user friendly UI, and a decent DAM. But long term it is becoming less and less affordable.

  • Benjamin Kim

    Keith R/ That doesn't justify to pay for"unfinished" feature or software. Both Capture Live and iPad version are far from pro or ready. Why cant they just add as many features as possible before they even release? Being niche doesn't really explain anything especially when they cant make things properly. 


    Beside, I'm not the only one complaining about these issues and I'm working professionally. I have to complain for lack of features and yet, you are protecting C1P's pathetic actions. This is not acceptable.


  • David Mantripp

    Don't bother replying to Keith R.  He's just a troll.

  • Benjamin Kim

    The biggest problem is that Capture One is more like subscription base and they are adding features which suppose to be part of C1P instead of selling them separately. C1P itself is already expensive so why would I spend extra $5 and $10? If people argue that it's for professional uses, none of them are even close to pro uses.

  • Keith R
    Top Commenter

    they are asking us to pay to use them

    Because they're a niche offering of no interest to most Capture One users - it would be pretty crappy of Capture One to provide them to you for free and expect the rest of us to pay for them.

    We are professional uses and yet is this how they treat us?

    Maybe my experience of professionalism is different to yours, but "professionals" don't pointlessly moan about problems where their moans can do no good (this is a user-to-user forum), they find solutions and move on - or at the very least, engage directly with "the problem":


    Nobody - least of all Capture One - is forcing you to use their "expensive, sub-standard" product: if you can find something better, use it. 

    And if you can't, accept that it's a work in progress, and that you're going to pay for it, because the rest of us surely won't subsidise you.


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