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Comments on 15.3 Magic eraser is fine but I don't like the new icons!


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  • Marco Götze

    Yes, that's just horrible, are you kidding us, Capture One?  What kind of UX is that supposed to be?  I now need to make the left pane twice as wide (!) with my three custom tabs, and the (pointless!) text below the icons still has ellipses for half of the factory tabs!  And that is on a 1440p screen, suppose I had merely a full-HD one, that would probably cost me about half my screen estate!

    Give us an option to shrink the icons down and remove the pointless labels, please!

    Edit: Alright, so I just found out that you can in fact disable the labels (it's in the three-dots right-click menu).  The icons still take up some more screen estate, I think, and look out of place with all the other icons, but it's at least bearable now.


  • A Photographer

    I agree that the new tool tabs icons don't match the style of the rest of the interface.  I presume they have been spaced out for fingers rather than a mouse or pen.

    The highlight colour does not match the toolbar icons.


  • Geoff Taylor

    I also agree, they just wrong. With the text they are awful, I thought something had gone wrong. I would vote for bringing the old ones back, they were OK.



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