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New 15.3 version with havy basic bugs!



  • Kassur

    Hi Peter,

    I'm sure, that there a many different opinions about this default setting. For me it's good, but it would be really nice if you could set the default crop in the preferences. Feel free to submit a feature request!

    My saved Workspaces didn't change. Maybe cause I deleted all of the standard Icons? 


  • Stanley L. Green

    it isn't rocket science, just let the user select the crop ratio as a preference.

  • Stanley L. Green

    Agree.  Simple is better.


  • michel Campfens

    The default for a fresh picture should be Unconstrained.

    absolutely agree with this. With the new upgrade i have to select "unconstrained" for every picture i want to edit. Very annoying !  

  • Propheticus

    Probably many will agree.

    I personally disagree and think the current 'original' default makes more sense. Probably a lot of other people think so too.

    So instead of changing a default and always have 50/50 not in agreement. Remembering the last setting or making the default configurable sounds like a better way to go.


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