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15.3 Inconsistent design - bring back the proper icons


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  • Abbott Schindler

    Steffen, you should send this to Capture One directly, as this is a user forum that C1 may or may not monitor. Use the Support link at the top-right of the page.

    Sad that Capture One seems to be doing what Apple did: "IOSify" the computer version to match the iPad instead of the other way around...

  • Robert Gyori

    To my knowledge the new icons cannot be changed to the earlier versions; however, the icon arrangement can be restored to the earlier array by clicking on the 3 dots to the right and selecting Workspaces > Default (legacy).


    It is very helpful to report issues both to Capture One and to this forum.  That way, we can learn from each other and avoid mistakes like installing 15.3.  With a 16" MacBook Pro M1-Max, screen real estate is at a premium. Why waste it on oversized icons?

    I'll wait until a release comes out that passes the smell test by the users.


  • Martin Knowles

    If the icon size is bugging you, hit the ... on the right side next to the icons and select Icons Only (compact). You won't get the old icons back, but they will be sized as you're accustomed to them.

  • Steffen Jahn

    Hi everybody and thanks for all the comments and tips!

    I did send a report to C1 customer service, asking for a "legacy" icons in the next update.


    @Martin Knowles - its not the size, its the overall design ( or the lack of it ) that annoys me 🤨


    Fingers crossed - cheers - happy shooting - Steffen


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