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Bug: Browser Panel sort order constantly changes


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  • Peter Wijn

    Just clicking on a picture in the browser (in sessions) the sort ordering is changed from 'date' or 'name' to manual (In my Dutch version it is called 'handmatig')

    Is this the same isue?

  • Harris Bokhari

    Yes, same issue.

  • Stuart Watson

    I find exactly the same problem. I am progressively selecting photos in browser to attach keywords and seemingly randomly the sort order changes from the default (which I have set to Name) to manual. I have only had this problem since recently upgrading to version It must be a bug somewhere or a combination of key strokes that I am unwittingly pressing. A real pain

  • Ian Skelton

    I'm having a similar experience on Windows 11. I'm working on a catalogue. I want to keep versions of the same photo together in the browser. I change the browser sort order to 'name' and the similarly titled images should stay together. Instead after the order constantly reverts to 'manual'. 


  • Piero Annoni

    This issue has just re appeared since last update.
    Is this a joke????



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