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Working with the same catalog on 2 different computers


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  • Noob with a Nikon

    Okay, I imported the catalog again on my laptop and this time it worked fine - all the images and adjustments were there.

    But now I faced the issue that my image source folder was on different locations, G: on my desktop and F: on my laptop. I don't copy images into the catalog. So I assigned both those drives to the letter Z: instead. The folder with the catalog files I synced to my Nextcloud server. Then I re-synced images in C1 to the Z: drive and checked on both machines and it seemed to work well. Let's see how reliable this works in the future.

    Another way might be sessions, but then I would have to duplicate my image files aswell (source files and session files).

    Christopher, there shouldn't be any situation where a catalog is opened on 2 machines at the same time, since my version of C1 22 writes a "writelock" file into the catalog folder as long as it's open on one of the machines.


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