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Leica Q2 Monochrom crop mode not applied to DNG


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  • Leon Droby

    Capture One does the same thing with Fuji RAW files.  If I use a crop ratio other than full size, CO ignores the ratio and displays the image full size.

    The JPGs are displayed with the captured ratio though.

  • Jan Godrie

    Thanks Leon. Now i at least know that it’s not a bug. Will be putting in a feature request for this.

    In the mean while, looks like it’s shooting RAW + JPG then so that I can base the crop for the RAW file from what I’ve effectively shot.

  • Deed Goetz

    Is anybody from Capture One actually reading this?

    I had made a similar request and got a link to have a look at your solution?

    Well, not much of a solution.



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