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Capture one 23


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  • Emile Gregoire

    Hi Herman,

    You can find your C1 23 license key in your account page on captureone.com. At least, that's how I did it, as per the instructions in the email announcing the release of v23.


  • Herman Heutink

    Sorry Emile, I only see my license code from version 22

  • Emile Gregoire

    Hmm, sorry, it worked for me...

  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    If you ordered it a few days ago, with the offer of the free upgrade to 23 when it arrived, my understanding was that you just use the same licence code for 23. Have you tried that?


  • Spicyjello

    You should have received an email confirming your pre-order. This email included a serial number that you would have needed to use in order to keep use Capture One. 

    IF....you pre-ordered and was able to keep using version 22 without having to enter the new serial number, then your purchase probably did not go through. The moment you upgrade......your current serial number becomes inactive and you MUST enter the new serial number provided. 

    Login to your account on Capture Ones site and look under Manage Licenses. IF you have a valid upgrade it will show there. 



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