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Black Friday deal for new Vs update price


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  • Bill

    I was told yesterday I had to pay for the upgrade to get the bug with 2 monitors with different scaling fixed. If I click Export the window blows up beyond the monitor and I have to press ESC to close it.

    Also, a new license is less than my upgrade???

  • Jeremy Hunt

    Yes, why is an upgrade from 21 to 23 $199 and new license $179. Why am I being asked to pay more for an upgrade than a new license!?

  • Peter Svancar

    I think the new license is cheaper because it is offering only 1-2 seats while your older license from the past, which can be upgraded is for 3 seats… sometimes its a trap :)

  • Peter Svancar

    And i forgot to say that new license could be only for some brand of cameras while the older licenses are containing all camera brands

  • Bill

     Actually the page for the new license says:

    "You always have three seats included, meaning you can run Capture One Pro on three different computers." The Pro version means it handles all brands of cameras and is not a brand specific version.

    So, it is just a poor upgrade deal for what I already have.

  • Pierre Laviolette

    Perhaps Elon Musk has silently bought Capture One and is busy fucking it up. I understand that there is maintenance to do but you should not have to buy the whole thing again


  • Xavier Niebla

    It's ridiculous, it's an insult to customers who have had the product for years that the upgrade costs more than a new license.
    If this pricing policy continues, my C1 22 license will be the last dollar they receive from me.

  • Jack Davolio

    I have to say Smart Adjustments are a pretty good feature, it doesn't always nail it, but pretty useful. 

    At the end of the day the update is mostly about that as I suppose you all already have a culling tool / method. 

    If the upgrade cost was €100 (50% off vs a new licence) I would have bought it in a heartbeat and recommended Capture One to all my photographer friends. 

    If the upgrade was €150 (25% off a new licence) I would have thought um, bit expensive for an upgrade, but okay, probably worth it in the long run. 

    Now the upgrade is €209 and it's MORE than buying a new license I am thinking "WTF" do they think about their existing customers and supporters? Are they taking us for granted? I really like the software but I am not going to pay for being regarded like that. 

  • Jack Davolio

    Make sure your voices are heard by commenting about this in their social channels. Nobody but existing users would care to look into the support forums. 


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