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Changes to our perpetual license


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  • John Soanes

    It's a bone-job!

    I haven't upgraded to 23 because there's nothing in it for me, but would likely jump on the next release.  I've been using C1 since Phase-One ran the show,  It seems the upgrade cycle has been shortened over time and the residual value of the user's licence has fallen significantly.  Providing details of their "new loyalty scheme" after the upgrade window closes feels like ransom.  "Scheme" interesting word choice indeed.

  • Michael Hampton

    I remember when Adobe said that perpetual licenses were not going away, and then 2 years later they went away and I switched to C1. Here is my problem with subscriptions...

    I'm getting older and when I retire I won't want to keep paying subscriptions so that 1) I'll continue to have access to newer and newer technology that I likely won't use, and 2) so that I can continue to have access to my legacy photos if I want to go back and play around with them. 

    I switched from LightRoom to C1 after being with them since the beta and I won't be afraid to switch from C1 to something else so that I can maintain access to MY images until I die.

    It just seems that every time a company makes a big public statement that "We are NOT going to xxxxx", within a couple of years they do xxxx.

    Now, get off my lawn!  ;-)

    Michael Hampton


  • Joeri Peeters

    What is:

    1. Upgrade pricing will no longer be available and will be replaced with a new loyalty scheme. More details will be announced on February 1, 2023.

    I upgrade every year so I hope the upgrade price of loyalty scheme will be the same. If not I will stop promoting CO pro in my workshops and lectures. It is already very difficult to convince people CO is a fantastic RAW editor and worth the price over lightroom & Photoshop but if the price for loyal customers becomes too high I will advise them to use the RAW editor inside Adobe Bridge.



  • Juergen Kammerer

    Paul, I'm sharing your thoughts. Have a look at DxO. Run some tests on the noisy images. Then it'll be even more a no-brainer. 

  • John Soanes

    I'm most upset that Capture One will only provide details of their "loyalty scheme" AFTER the upgrade (with updates through Sept.) window has closed.  I can honestly say that upgrading my perpetual license has not saved me any money versus a subscription, been happy to retain my freedom to step off of the Upgrade Treadmill.

    I predict that the "loyalty discount' will be about $50, and once pushed into a subscription the fee will get jacked up.

  • ernst.w

    Okay, means about 5% saved.

    But perpetual license vs. subscription is an attitude not a matter of saving money.

  • Simone Colomba

    I am very disappointed with the behavior of the company.

    They don't listen to their customers and when they are criticized, they respond with ritual phrases, lies or they don't answer at all.

    In my country (Italy), all the content creators and all the people in the forums agree that the company's behavior is dishonest.

    The software offers less than Adobe Lightroom + Photoshop... at a much higher cost.

    They don't say if and when the new cameras and lenses will be included in the software. They don't say what and when improvements will be added.

    Nor do they guarantee corrections according to current legislation.

    If the company continues to insult the intelligence of its customers, it will close in 2 two or 3 years.

    Guys, let's start giving this company a signal: do not subscribe and do not buy Capture One until they are back to reality.

  • ernst.w

    At the moment I got the mail, all my fears prooved true. And again I have to save my work with thousands of working hours. Every image that is worth to has to be exported as a TIFF not to loose all the levels fo work I have done...

    Thanks a lot!

  • C-M-B

    "I can honestly say that upgrading my perpetual license has not saved me any money versus a subscription..."

    Price for the 23 Upgrade: 209€
    Price für switching to subscription: 219€

    And IIRC it was a similar difference last year. 

  • John Soanes

    "But perpetual license vs. subscription is an attitude not a matter of saving money."

    The new license model will cost more (their reason for doing it) -- at least the annual upgrade gave you features added between major releases.  Now, other than bug fixes, features are locked in at purchase date.  Theoretically, if there were some "must have" features released separately you could be repurchasing every 4 to 8 months.

    If I was a professional I would choose a subscription, it's a business expense.

  • ernst.w

    Sorry, John, You didn't understand my post. ;)

  • BJM

    If we want to see the bright side, it will be a chance for other soft...I don't see any other !

  • BJM

    unfortunately ...

  • SFA
    Top Commenter

    As this is in a "Windows" user thread ...

    Maybe there is an opportunity here for upgrade pricing to reflect the "features" available per operating system. 

    Or, perhaps like some of the vehicle manufacturers who are offering "features" on a subscription basis (Tesla, BMW and, for entire vehicles, Volvo, and Audi come to mind), one might be able to pick and choose which new developments are worth adding to one's perpetual license to be carried forward in the future.

    In theory, the current software licensing method already has appropriate controls in use so it should be easy.

    Just make all new cameras and any new lens support free to upload for at least 4 previous "versions" and things might seem quite reasonable.

    It would also provide the reward (to C1)  of people paying for the things they really want to use and so make listening to the customer requests in a timely way somewhat sensible. (Assuming that people who request things actually do want them and are prepared to pay for them - which historically has been quite a rare thing in the software industry.)


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