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Perpetual license changes!!


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  • Simone Colomba

    I am very disappointed with the behavior of the company.

    They don't listen to their customers and when they are criticized, they respond with ritual phrases, lies or they don't answer at all.

    In my country (Italy), all the content creators and all the people in the forums agree that the company's behavior is dishonest.

    The software offers less than Adobe Lightroom + Photoshop... at a much higher cost.

    They don't say if and when the new cameras and lenses will be included in the software. They don't say what and when improvements will be added.

    Nor do they guarantee corrections according to current legislation.

    If the company continues to insult the intelligence of its customers, it will close in 2 two or 3 years.

    Guys, let's start giving this company a signal: do not subscribe and do not buy Capture One until they are back to reality.

  • BJM

    You are right !

  • Marco A. Scalco

    I totally agree with Simone Colomba.

    C1 should leave the freedom to chose between upgrade and subsciption.
    And they MUST guarantee bug fixing to the Perpetual License users anyway.

    I think rel. 23 is the last I pay for


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