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Am I nuts or is C1 the most insane activation process ever?


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  • SFA
    Top Commenter

    Have you received an activation key as any part of one of those communications? Or can you see it when you login to your C1 account?

    If so just fire up C1 and activate using that key.

    If you previously used a trial license or some other version license you will likely need to de-activate that first before applying the new key.

    If you have not yet received a key but you ordered on the website you may just be stuck in some loop of a communications snafu with the sales order process partner.


  • Dana Hoff

    Thank you for the input. Yes I have a new activation key. Yes I can see it on my order page. Yes I deactivated all trials and previous versions of C1. Now comes the fun part> Just fire up C1 and activate it using the key. Where exactly does someone add the key? And where exactly can I add a second computer?? When I got to my account settings/manage.... it just shows me my order. When I go to my order, it just shows me my order. When I go to activate, it shows me my order. 

    Which goes back to my original question- WHERE do I activate my license key, and while I am at it....how do I add a second computer license? Thanks much in advance. It should NOT be this challenging. 


  • BeO
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    Install C1 on your machine 1, then start C1, then you should be prompted to activate C1. Alternatively goto C1 main menu > Help > License 

    Install C1 on your machine 2 and do the same as on machine 1.

    That's how it works for me, usually, on Windows up until version 22, I don't think it should be any different on Mac or with v23.

  • Dana Hoff

    Through some input above along with other poking around, I was able to figure out the installation process. This has only taken me TWO DAYS to understand. C1 Support was of zero value or assistance. Perhaps Capture One might explain the actual process to others->>>

    - Firstly, I was already using a TRIAL copy of C1.


    - To DEACTIVATE the TRIAL, start C1 and then go to top left Capture One / LICENSE  (THIS INFORMATION IS NOT AVAILABLE ANY PLACE ON C1 WEBSITE)

    - A window appears showing all the information in USERS ACCOUNT, which licenses are ACTIVATED and which are DEACTIVATED. (THIS INFORMATION IS NOT AVAILABLE ANY PLACE ON C1 WEBSITE)

    - Next, select the computer you wish to use C1 on. Before you can activate a full pro version, you must DEACTIVATE the TRIAL version by selecting DEACTIVATE. (THIS INFORMATION IS NOT AVAILABLE ANY PLACE ON C1 WEBSITE)

    - Once you have deactivated C1 on your computer, the program will shut down.

    - Next restart C1 and it will begin as a fresh start. It will now request you to enter the license key.

    - NONE of the C1 tutorial and information online offers any input on this.

    - The answer was simple: DIRECT USERS TO -->> CAPTURE ONE / LICENSE   -- and save people a few days of frustration and wasting time.

  • Jack W

    Dana Hoff I've just checked your support profile and your request was solved by Irina within 16 hours (with 3 replies answered within 30 minutes) and we provided the appropriate articles (located on our support site) and polite responses required to solve your case.

    I'm sorry that you weren't satisfied, but we did everything required to solve your request swiftly.

  • Dana Hoff

    Jack Williams- While I appreciate C1's tech support and polite response(s) within 24 hours, unfortunately no, my questions was not answered at all. The question was simple: How do I activate C1?

    I have worked on Macs professionally since the early 1990's. Installing software programs and activating them should not require (days of) tech support.

    - Yes, C1 tech support first responded with an essay on locating my license key, which I already had.

    - I purchased C1 Pro by selecting the "BUY NOW" option when I opened the program. There were two options: BUY NOW or CANCEL. Once I purchased the license key, I restarted C1. Once again there were two options: BUY NOW or CANCEL. Now begins the C1 circle chase.

    - the second response was a link to a dissertation on a plethora of items: "How can I switch to another Capture One run mode/product variant?" (what does that even mean?)

    The truth is- if it takes days, along with three tech support responses, to rectify how to activate a software license key, someone might be missing information.

    If C1 were to ask me to write a tech spec note on LICENSE KEY ACTIVATION, (My Original Question) it might look something like this:

    - Activating a Capture One license key can be done in several ways.

    - NEW INSTALL- If you recently purchased C1 for the first time, install the program and follow the prompts. You will need the license key which appears in your purchase order. You should also receive an email containing your license key. Please write your key down in a safe place. You can always locate your license key in your customer profile as well.

    - Next, start C1 and follow the prompts to enter your license key.

    - TRIAL INSTALL ACTIVATION- If you are running a TRIAL version of C1 and want to purchase the Pro version, follow the BUY NOW prompt when opening C1 and make purchase.

    - You will need the license key which appears in your purchase order. You should also receive an email containing your license key. 

    - Before you can run the C1 PRO version, you must first DEACTIVATE the Trial version.

    - Start the trial version of C1.

    - Locate and Go to Top Left > Capture One > License Key -

    - In the LICENSE KEY Panel, you have complete access to all of your license keys, activations, deactivations.

    - Select DEACTIVATE for the computer running the TRIAL version.

    - Close C1 program. Restart.

    - Upon restarting, you should get a prompt to enter your new Pro C1 license key. If you do not receive a prompt, you can always access your License Key panel under the top left Capture One program header.

    In conclusion, Capture One did everything required to solve my request swiftly, with the exception of solving my request: How do I activate my license key. This information, provided above, was discovered by myself after reading a post in another forum and different subject, which ultimately led me to-> Capture One > License Key.

    The only Tech Support reply needed would have been to direct me to the license key panel. Cheers Mate.


  • Jack W

    Good morning Dana Hoff

    Pretty much everything you've described is in this one article here: https://support.captureone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002468637

    If you ever need to deactivate Capture One in the future, see here: https://support.captureone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002467237

    These two articles contain everything you need in order to be able to activate/reactivate/switch a license. The support agent won't have written out these steps, as they are already contained in a step by step article.

    Thanks for the feedback in any case and I wish you a good day. :) 


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