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Introducing Community Badges


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  • Keith R
    Top Commenter

    Utterly terrible idea - it infantilises the forum into a puerile popularity contest, where whining and other BS gets upvoted by other whiners and BS merchants, regardless of actual value to the community; and where quantity is valued over quality.

    These are a simple way to recognize and celebrate the efforts of our member

    They do no such thing on any other forum I've been involved in that uses this approach. "Standing out from the crowd" is an irrelevance, not a benefit: who the Hell is going to be impressed by a "Top Commenter" badge?  

    For Chrissake, don't do this. It is not an "improvement". Proper posting rules, moderation, and active Spam suppression will be an improvement, but this is just childish.

    On the subject of enforced rules: back in the days of forum.phaseone.com, we had Rule 10:

    Do not post a message merely to blow off steam or otherwise get something off your chest. This is a support, user to user help and resource area, if you have something to take up with a dealer then take it up with a dealer, if you have something to take up with Phase One then please take it up with Phase One.

    Please: bring it back. Change "Phase One" to "Capture One", and bring it back.

  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    Well Keith, why do you write your objection in this public forum then. In the spirit of rule 10, if you have something to take up with Capture One then please take it up with Capture One, and I would like to add: stop whining here.

    You see what's happing here? You took the role of those "offenders" you would normally critizise, and I took your role of the unpolite "defender". I think communication is very multifacted, please don't be angry with others even if you don't like what they write.

    On the topic of the badges, I actually don't care, but I don't think it will impose too many childish posts. I agree with your other suggestions (posting rules, moderation, and active Spam suppression) and would like to add that Firstname Lastname should be forbidden by the system, every user should have a unique name (e.g. "Firstname123 Lastname") so that indivual posters can be distingished from another.

  • Jack W

    Keith R Thanks for the feedback! I can completely get where you're coming from. As this is a manual process for now, there will be some digging around to see whether someone is being helpful or behaving in the manner you describe.

    We will be getting your opinion, along with as many other members of the community as possible, on how we can improve the community. Personally, I'm against too many rules and heavy moderation (spam is different, I hope you can already see that there's significantly less spam on the forum these days) but I remember this rule well from the Phase One days :) though I don't seem to remember it putting too many people off...

    BeO It's clear that more moderation and spam issues are high priorities for members of the community (and for me) - I also agree on the naming thing, but there's little we can do to force people to change their name in their profile. I will look more into this, though. 

  • BeO
    Top Commenter


    Thanks Jack.

    At least a Feature Request for the Zendesk software?

    If I am not mistaken when recalling my observation, SPAM post often use the Firstname Lastname identity. Maybe these human or chat bot spammers would adapt, if you found a way to enforce a name change, but maybe it could serve this additional purpose at least for a while.


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