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Getting technical support
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Feature request - some improvements to bundle similar requests
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License for old or new version?
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Retain original post/comment times after editing
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"Live view is not supported for the connected device using PTP"
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can't reach support
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Pin a post to the top explaining how to search this specific part of the forum Implemented
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Link to Capture One website
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Add subcategories to "Improve Capture One ....."
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No more possible to send Bug-Report for current Beta?
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Make it easier to request technical support
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label for locked threads
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Own votes should be visible on Community posts Implemented
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Incorrect annual price on website
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Filter Feature Requests Logged
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Grammar issure with the Chinese translation on the main page
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Make a Reddit for CaptureOne
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Allow us to opt back into newsletter
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C1 Activation System is Good
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Rules for the community – let us know your thoughts
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Joining the Capture One Community does not work with the Firefox browser
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More a qustion than feedback
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Wrong time on latest webinar invitation
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Purchasing Capture One
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Website error
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Missing Submit button on post-download page
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dead forum and community?
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Problems signing in to the forum with Safari
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