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... by sending us a feature request or providing feedback about Capture One mobile.

Feature and camera requests are now hosted on aha.io Pinned
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Allow to select a folder with images to be selected for import
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I need layers on capture one mobile for simple removal tasks.
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Support Split View
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CaptureOne catalogue on an external drive Logged
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Import from Photos - choice of albums to browse and select Logged
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Sync ipad and iPhone mobile Logged
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Add keywords to mobile Not currently planned
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Shortcut keys for 'fire shutter' (and aperture up/down, shutter up/down) when tethered Logged
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Send JPEGs wirelessly to C1 while saving RAWs to card.
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Basic Editing Tools: Masks, Levels, Curves, ..... in C1 Mobile Logged
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iPad to Desktop Workflow Logged
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Various enhancements as long time Lightroom Mobile user Logged
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Bitte entwickelt eien App für Anroid
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Phase One P45+ on Capture One mobile Not currently planned
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Tethering Auto Back Up iPad to External SSD Logged
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CO Mobile for ANDROID
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Connect/Tether iPhone Camera to iPad display for PhotoShoots, etc. (see the big picture immediately) Implemented
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Deleting a single variant crashes the App Implemented
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Please include the mobile version in the Perpectual License
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Why can't support Phase One IQ3 use usb cable ?
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Sharing from CO on desktop to CO mobile
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Add style brushes to Capture One Mobile Logged
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My fujifilm GFX 50sII keeps disconnecting/freezing when using Capture One Mobile Logged
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Add portrait mode view on capture one mobile Logged
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Create Folders
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Capture One iPad for Fujifilm Logged
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Is AI masking a stepping stone towards introducing masking on C1P for iPad? In the works
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Serval missing features compared to Lightroom Mobile Logged
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