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  • Exporting GPS data

    Does any one know of a way to take GPS data from images in a CO catalog and bring it in to Google Earth? Thanks.

  • Process Recipe and ICC Profiles

    To print I save a 16 bit TIFF using the Adobe RGB ICC profile. The software I use to print allows me to select the paper profile I am using. My questions is, is there any advantage to selecting t...

  • Printing with Capture One vs other software

    This is a question for those who do not use Capture One for printing. Can you say why you choose to print with Photoshop, Affinity or some other software? What is it about your other software that ...

  • Question about color adjustments

    Hello, I am hoping to get some advice about using the color editors and or lens correction for this image. There is a horizontal magenta streak across the image just below the pier. I have been try...

  • CO's Retro Styles

    Does anyone know what styles are included in CO's Retro Styles Kit found here...https://www.captureone.com/en/products-plans/styles. In particular I am looking for something like Tri-X. Thanks.

  • Arranging multiple images in the viewer

    Hello, I am using Multi-View to display several images on the screen. I have been unable to change the order the images appear in Multi-View so that I can try different image layouts for a book...

  • Pressing Enter during crop should be consistent

    I often press 'C' to view or adjust a crop. If I make a crop adjustment and press enter the crop is accepted and I am shown the full, cropped image. If I do not make a crop adjustment and press err...

  • Should adjusting contast effect color in a b&w print

    Hello, I am printing a B&W image. I printed two versions, the difference being that on the second print I added a radial mask with a curve adjustment bringing up the midtones at the center of the i...

  • Error Loading Adjustment Mask

    I am constantly getting error messages stating that an adjustment mask cannot be loaded. The layer is there but the adjustments are gone. I have run Verify and no issues came up. Could someone sugg...

  • How does the Focus tool work?

    I noticed that when looking at RAW files the the Focus tool shows areas in focus however this does not work for TIFs create through export/import from another program. It did not think RAW files ho...