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  • Cost of Capture One Live

    Anyone got any idea how much a Capture One Live session will cost after you have used up your 5 free sessions? Dave Late breaking news, it is £7.99 a month, found it in the manage licences section ...

  • Greyscale Conversion to Editable Format

    Black and White negatives scanned in greyscale are not immediately editable in Capture One.  However if one uses the Edit With function and select settings of, for instance, Format: TIFF 16 bit, IC...

  • Fuji Lens Profiles in V12.0.2

    I downloaded and installed v!2.0.2 today and was glad to see that it included Capture One generated lens profiles for all my Fuji prime lenses. However all my .RAF files are still defaulting to ma...

  • LAB Readout No Longer Working.

    Initially I had LAB readout working OK in Capture One 11 but recently when I switch LAB readout on, select colour readout and click where I want the readout all I get is a blank readout see below...

  • Create Sub-folder using date in Image Import

    I organise my photo collection in a hierarchy that ends with a sub-directory that is the date the pictures were taken. That is if I import pictures from a memory card in the card reader and 20 pic...