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How to make a feature or a camera support request to Capture One?



  • Thomas Hohlbein

    Hallo CO-Team,

    Ich habe am 18. März 2023 das Style-Pack "Beyond Black and white" über Paypal erworben.
    Bei eine Plattencrash ist diese Stylepack unwiederbringlich verloren gegangen!
    Habe ich eine Möglichkeit dieses Pack zu downloaden ohne es noch einmal kaufen zu müssen?

    Mit besten Grüßen
    Thomas Hohlbein

  • FirstName LastName

    Bonjour, J'ai téléchargé votre logiciel il y a 5 jours pour un essai d'un mois et l'image reste floue !? P Maillard

  • Paul Daley

    I am having an import issue: when importing into a new session, photos from other sessions are added.  This persisted even after shutting down C1, and rebooting (MacOS 13.4.1).  I tried a Google search and found two links on this problem, but I was blocked opening them, as they are identified as "employee access only" on the C1 site.  About to try a fresh re-install.  Please help!

    Paul Daley

  • Jack W

    Hi Paul Daley – you should contact support with issues like this, as the help we can provide in article comments is somewhat limited and very public. You can submit a request here:

    Would you mind letting me know the pages you're referring to, also?

  • Jean-Pierre LAURANCE

    Je ne peux exporter plus d'une photo bien qu'en ayant sélectionné plusieurs ! Je sélectionne 6 photos à l'exportation et il y a 1 seule

    photo à l'exportation !

    Mac Studio macOS Monterey Version 12.6.3 Capture One Pro version 16.2.5

    Jean-Pierre Laurance

  • Lichtbilder-Owl Frank Bräutigam


    Since Update to C1 16.3 my Pictures in the Viewer gets blurry after I iused the Keystone Tool. 

    When the Picture is enlarged to 50%, or graeter it will be sharp, but not if is smaller than 50%.

    I'am using Win11. Please help.

    best regards



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