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Working as a reviewer in Capture One Live


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  • Herwig Prammer


    I am a professional photographer and used to work for reuters news pictures as a photographer and picture editior for more than 20 years.
    since 2014 I am working in the field of stage photography for opera houses and theatres in austria, switzerland and germany,  moreover I shoot reportages for magazines. 
    after 10 years of using capture one as an editing tool I would like to give a feedback to your products and costumer policy. 

    first, I understand you do not invest the capabilities or manpower to deal with all the requests you get. but finding answers or making comments on your website is really a pain in the ass! I feel I am led in site-circles constantly, always be led back to where I was 5 clicks before without finding what I am looking for. and chatbots are just frustrating! I have been talking to colleagues about this, they agree definitely.

    second, capture one on my macbook pro is a great tool for my professional purposes and I really enjoy working with it.
    but one of the main reasons I chose capture one over the adobe product was the aspect of buying a permanent licence instead of renting it, so this is really a disappointment for me now.

    third, most important in capture one for me besides the main tools as the raw converter, color grading and brightness adjustments are:
    - layers and masks
    - the ability to work with brushes and repair tools for local adjustments
    - perspective corrections
    - rating and presentation of pictures

    this all works fine except there is still a significant lag in the development of the picture when switching from one to another during presentation - and I have the most powerful macbook pro available at the moment, the preview size is optimized for screen and computer.

    not relevant for my work is:
    - tethering
    - live view
    - auto-applying edits for the next shoot
    - sending pictures directly to a cloud
    - styles

    and fourth, I really would like to work with an ipad pro as a backup tool, but according to my unavoidable requirements above - masks and layers, brushes and perspective corrections - this is no option for me yet. I hope you will provide that in future.

    herwig prammer



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