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How do I cancel my free trial of Capture One?



  • FirstName LastName

    how can I find an older version for Mac OS 13.9.9


  • FirstName LastName

    Hello, I've purchased the capture one all in one bundle and have downloaded the pro version, but It will not let me log in. I am unable to log out of my free trial version. 

  • FirstName LastName

    Please check the accuracy of this article.  This has not been my experience.  I just got an email saying I would be charged next month, the day after my final free period payment of $0 was confirmed. The process of cancelling WAS very easy, but i actively had to cancel to avoid the payment which is not as this article states.  I have deactivating my account before the free trial period ended, and even uninstalled the app, which this article led me to believe was sufficient to avoid payment for a product I have decided not to continue using. 

  • Denis Huk

    hey everyone, thanks for writing!

    i've updated this article and added a link for mobile users (where trial doesn't auto cancel)

    there's an FAQ article on older/legacy versions Where can I download my older Capture One version?

    and if you're facing issues accessing your account, consider hitting the Request Support button in the header

  • J D

    I want to continue to use the perpetual version but i can no longer use it.

    The screen keeps displaying that i have to use the new trial version.

    As a result, i cannot use the version 21 that I paid for.

    I have no intention of upgrading at this time.

    I Only want to use my old version.

    How do I fix this calamity?

  • christophe glaudel

    I'm fed up three times a day (and sometimes buying session coverage) they ask me to connect and give my credentials to check the license what is this story I don't have time to relate to This. The system exaggerates in addition only one computer is informed about the license while I have several it is scandalous to ask the same thing all the time


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