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  • truepictures

    Unfortunately, the presentation of the webinar was very hectic and chaotic at times this time. Even though the topic is quite extensive, nobody would have been dissatisfied if the webinar had lasted 60 minutes instead of 50. It would be nice if the pace of the presentation could be a little slower and calmer in future. The topic of styles, presets and more contains some interesting procedures that I would like to try out for myself.

  • David Grover

    HI Marq,

    In answer to your questions.  

    1. The styles are the same, but profiles created for each camera try to give as much consistency as possible.

    2.  Here would be a great place to request it! -

  • Marq Riley

    Thanks for this webinar.

    Two questions:
    -Do C1 styles take camera model/sensor make into account so that a style matches on images made with different cameras?

    - will C1 support import and export of LUTs soon?

  • John Clyde

    I agree with truepictures.


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