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Copy and Apply adjustments and layers



  • A Photographer

    Is it possible to copy and paste an "action"? 

    e.g.  Using the heal brush to remove dust spots.  C1 will usually make a good choice for the source.  However if I copy this layer to another image, C1 will use exactly the same location for the source and this does not always work!  Ideally C1 needs to know that C1 made the decision and needs to redo that step on pasting the adjustment.  The same feature would be useful where we can use the magic wand - like rotation and flip, levels, etc.


  • Alex Wong

    About Copy/Apply on Layers, CaptureOne 20 and after Layers that get applied to other images will be added on top of already existing layers instead of replacing them, I understand maybe some of the photographers need these function, but if just change the figure of the layers setting then apply to all others, these will need to rest the other photos first, otherwise layers settings will getting duplicate and duplicate, as a photographer which use from CaptureOne 3 to now, I think is the worst change even, copy and paste is mean copy and paste with same thing not getting more and duplicate, hopefully can give back the full replacing feature to us, whatever a new button or an option for us to select.


  • Jim Scherer

    I am trying to copy an adjustment layer with a mask, from one image to another. Here it says "You can now select which layers you would like to copy to other images. Additionally, the Layers that get applied to other images will be added on top of already existing Layers instead of replacing them." But unfortunately I cannot find where or how to make this copy. I see only options to copy styles or to copy masks, not to copy a complete layer with its mask. Is this possible?

  • Kalin Tabov

    Title says copy and apply layers, but there is not instruction how to do that. That is what I am looking for. How to copy a layer from one image to another.

  • Pini Vollach

    1. "In the adjustment clipboard.."  How can I get to the adjustment clipboard ?

    2. "Include Style Name" Is no longer exist. 

    3. It is possible to copy and paste more than 1 Style, actually this is the only possibility to put 2 Styles on an image.(Copy twice and then you can copy & paste both )


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