Which version of Capture One will work on my Apple operating system?




  • Art Altman

    Do you happen to know whether the latest Capture One tethers successfully to Nikon, Sony and Canon cameras on Mac OS 10.15.3?   What about the new 10.15.4?   (I remember that 10.15.2 broke tethering).

    Thank you.



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  • Lily

    Hi Art,


    As Capture One 20.0.4 supports macOS 10.15.3, feel free to the latest software update and capture tethered with your camera and Capture One (note that macOS 10.15.4 is not supported yet). To check whether your camera model is supported for tethering, visit this page - https://www.captureone.com/en/features/supported-cameras


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  • Francisco Rodriguez

    Why does every little Mac OS update seem to break Capture One? Finally the software was updated to support 10.15.4 and the software was working fine and now that Apple released important security updates (10.15.5) it's broken again I don't go through this with any other software. Please update soon, last time I had to wait months for the software to work properly. 

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