How can I find Capture One license key?



  • SFA

    "Used to be you could work on a file  in a desktop or archived on a hard drive folder without having to copy it to a catalog."

    You still can by using a session. 

    No need to use a catalog if you do not want to. I don't.

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  • Richard Munro

    I have tried and tried to get my order history and licence history sent to the email it prompts me to put in.


    I input my account email which should have my liceence key click send then i never get an email with my order history and licence key, I have input my email dozens of times and i am still waiting for you to send me our licence key.


    Capture one was bought through my work in heritage photogrpahy after we bought a credo leaf 60 with the complete captrue one packaged with it. Can we please get our licence key we paid thousands of dollars for.

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  • Yogan Naik

    worst customer support ever - no response for 24 hrs . I am trying to purchase a subscription and my card is getting declined all the credit cards. No problem with the issuer when I check with them. 

    FastSprint does not respond. I have to deliver pictures to my clients and I am stuck with the subscription please help me with a resolution quickly. 

    Fast Spring: details

    Support Ticket Number: 01117935
    Subject: Consumer Support - General Inquiry


    thank you


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  • Christian Randelin

    Hello you wizards!

    I've purchased Capture One 6 and have two activations left. But i don't know how to activate the latest Capture One. I've tried with my activation key but it seems not to work. So please, guide me to troubleshoot this!

    Thanks in advance // Christian aka Bubbles


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