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How do I upgrade Capture One?



  • Mark Porter

    Hi there,
    I'd like to change from subscription to perpetual licence, but cannot find any info apart from this that you have written here....

    IMPORTANT!  Upgrading is possible for perpetual license owners only.
    If you currently have Capture One Express, Capture One trial or a subscription plan, you need to make a new purchase in the Capture One e-store.

    ...which indicates I should pay full price for the perpetual licence, is that correct? As a subcriber since November 2019 I have so far paid just over £700, so it seems not entirely fair that I should pay £299 just to get off the subscription model.
    Hopefully I'm wrong and there is a special 'upgrade price' or something similar.

    Please note: I'm a very happy CaptureOne Pro user, and I have no other cause for concern or complaint. I'm really happy with CaptureOne Pro and want to continue using it - but I need to reduce my monthly subcription costs. 

    Thanks for your help, Mark

  • Ben D'Avanza

    My key for a perpetual license shows no upgrade product found, however the license is eligible. Please advise.

  • Kenni Noerregaard Refshauge

    I am supposed to have one free upgrade with my license, but it prompts me to pay full price whenever i i press the "upgrade" button.

    Please help.

    I cannot find any direct contact email for you support, so i guess I must write in this forum, which is kinda lame because it looks like you are not answering other comments here....


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