How to upgrade Capture One?



  • Brian McDonnell

    Are you serious???!!!?  I buy a new camera and want to upgrade my subscription and you tell me I can't?  This has got to be the most asinine system I've ever seen?  You're just unabashedly scamming people?  What the hell?

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  • Nicola Suttle

    I also need to switch from my Nikon version to Pro after only 1 month of my Nikon licence. It seems outrageous that I need to pay for a whole extra year instead of simply upgrading to Pro by paying the difference for the rest of the year.

    Please consider offering this option.

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  • Ian Eveleigh

    With the constant special offers applicable to new licenses, upgrading is practically never worth it.

    Case in point I have been offered 25% discount. Surprise, surprise it's only applicable to new licenses. That means a new license costs just €1.50 more than renewing the license. Wow! What a saving!

    What's the point in ever upgrading, when you will just screw over existing users. We all know a 30% or 40% discount is just a matter of waiting - so why the charade with renewals.

    As I am waiting for new lenses to come out, upgrading is probably inevitable at some point. I would probably do it more often if capture one wasn't ripping off its own existing customers.

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