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How do I activate Capture One 12 and previous versions?



  • JoJu

    Slightly misleading article, Lily.

    My version 11 got deactivated on my old iMac after I installed and activated version 20 on the new iMac. And how about mentioning the number of possible activations? On two machines? Or more?

    The procedure you're describing is not helping me to get version 11 (on a Mac with OS-X 10.12!) back to work.

    Once again, I got confirmed that you people at Capture One live in a world of your own, to which we clients are only allowed to transfer money. But this does not mean that our needs should be taken into account. I'm probably under a wrong impression, but over the years and after a couple of support cases I might need to reconsider being customer to this project.

  • Lily

    Hi Joachim,

    Thank you for the comment.

    These are general instructions, please check detailed information in the User Guide for Capture One 11 here.

    Your key for Capture One has 3 available activations in total, also you may check the information on the number of available activations per license key in this article

    How many computers can I install Capture One on?

  • kim chang heon

    It's the 12th version.
    If you re-run the program,
    Activation is released.
    Please teach me the way.
    It is driving me crazy.

  • Marco crasti

    Hi, after changing PC it is impossible to activate capture one 12 despite having the license key available.

    the instructions above are not applicable, as there is no version 12 to download,

    the oldest available for download is 13.1. 3 and 13.1.2 no other versions available

    I also tried with these above but after wasting some time and making countless attempts I failed,

    this is very frustrating ...

    please solve the problem

    Hope it's not company policy to force us to buy the upgrade.

  • David Levitz



    I'm in the same situation. My laptop screen failed on me so I replaced my computer and I'd like to download Capture One 12 back on it. 

    I can't seem to find the link for this and selecting the Download option for the previous version gives me version 13. 

    Please add the link back for older versions. 

  • David Levitz


    I was able to download the previous version from this Capture Integration Site.

    Hope that helps! But please add this download back to our account pages. 

  • Marco crasti

    Thank you very much David, the link you posted was very useful, I finally downloaded version 12. Now I will keep the file for possible future installations, in case it is no longer made available.

  • Rene Lopez

    I tried the link to find ver 12.  It's  no longer there.  So I'm stuck with no option to reinstall ver 12 onto a new computer.

  • Steven Donaldson

    Perhaps some feedback would be useful here.

    My version 12 will not activate either. There is no way I can see to release previous activations. Seems a bit unfair.

    Anything from Support here?


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