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Could not activate because the activation profile is incorrect



  • andrew steinman

    What waste of time  My email has Not change the the key is not being recognized ! frustrating as  support what support ? this? LOL 

    up grading from v.20 to v.21 


    NOte 20 is booting up fine ????????????????????????

  • Royce da Costa

    Registration key isn't working I've tried multiple times and its so annoying

    "Oops, this registration key is invalid.

    Please try again or get in touch with our support team."

    capture one express Fujifilm shouldn't be advertise if it has fucked up activation process.

  • Lily

    Hi Royce,

    Please let me know whether you are trying to activate Capture One Express onine or offline.

  • Royce da Costa

    Hi Lily,

    I was trying to activate capture one express for fujifilm.

    I've tried both online and offline but had no success so I've deleted the application from my

    system because it wasn't working for me neither was allowing me to login.

    anyway thanks for your comment.


  • Daniel Ecoff

    same nonsense here. same email when creating an account and purchasing the key and yet the software doesn't recognize it.. what a waste !!!! 

  • Gilles ANDRE

    After resolving the problem of windows 7 security erver, I 've unfortunately a new problem for activating it while on another computer it works well with obviously the same account number, profile and email?! What's wrong?

  • Jorge Reyes

    The software is amazing, the rest is BS!!! So frustrating to do a simple upgrade. 

    I was having problems with the activation profile, then I tried using other email and it works. 

    When I tried to get log in on CO web with the email that has the activation profile correct,  its send me an email verification. Click on "Verify Email" and it doesn't works!!!!!!!

    "message":"Unable to activate account"}



  • Jeff Natrop

    Good software, but piss poor support. This activation protocol SUCKS! I've been an active user of C1 Pro since C1Pro 3 when you had to use a dongle. I've always purchased a perpetual license. I'm running C1 12 and have purchased C1 22 but have not installed yet because my OS needs upgrading. My C1 12 has been running fine. There is no reason for it to require activation. What gives?? Now it won't activate even though I have all the requested info. It can't find my profile. So here I sit, clients waiting for my work. I look like a fool. Thanks PhaseOne for nothing....


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