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How can I replace a corrupted/broken Session?



  • Andrew Westreich

    Yeah.  That didn't work at all.  Not even close.  I simply end up with a blank session with nothing restored.  You might want to look into why and how a session becomes corrupted in the first place.  That should NEVER happen.

  • alexander vargas meneses

    Completamente de acuerdo, no resulta en nada no me explico como una empresa en desarrollo con mucho potencial y un crecimiento desmesurado no cuenta con chat en vivo para soporte para temas como este, estoy seguro que los desarrolladores del software o algunos analistas podrian prestar apoyo a los usuarios ???? 

  • Michael Ryan

    Have to agree with AW & AVM. No use at all

  • Fazil Zain

    Thanks Liliy, this helped (Re-install your session favorites and smart albums), restore my sessions after update / upgrade.

    Ps - I have to agree with the other comments, the other options did not work for me either.


  • Simba

    This only worked once I reimported my folders from the Capture file folder.  All edits came back with it once I did that.  However, I also copied the old cache and Settings141 folder into the CaptureOne folder for the "new" session.  I would assume that would also be fairly necessary.  




    I was wrong.  I thought all the edits came back, but only some did.  Some retained their new color balances, crops, adjustements.  Some did not, and I don't know what determined that.  

  • Irene McCullagh

    It seems obvious - yet you did not mention it in this article - that the original images must be reimported into the new CAPTURE folder, I assume?

    I can't get this to work properly

  • Kent Crawford

    Didn't work at all.



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