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How do I move from a Catalog to a Session?



  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    When can we expect to get a function which synchronizes the image adustments from catalog to session ( .cos and .comask files) in the location where the images are referenced by the catalog (into the CaptureOne subfolder, respectively)? No copy or move of the image files, just a plain synchronization of the adjustments?

  • Permanently deleted user

    Holy moly this is complicated. What if you don't want to physically move the files? I have a folder scheme I'm not interested in changing and ideally we could create development settings in place.

  • Carlo Didier

    Exactly! Waaaaaaay too complicated! Me too, I'd want to leave the file just where they are, because that's where they are supposed to be and indexed by my DAM application and referenced by the backups, etc, etc

    Why not simply (!!!!) export the settings files to where the images are???

  • Eric

    I think it's just explained a bit more complicated than needed but it's actually very simple:

    1. Create empty Session in preferred location, possibly in the same folder as the original files
    2. Open the Catalog to export from. Select images to export.
    3. Select "Export Images > Originals". Check "Include Adjustments", do NOT check "Pack As EIP". Choose "Capture" folder of the Session.
    4. Open Session, select "Capture" folder, images are loading in and generating previews

    Yes, this does copy the originals one level deeper into the "Capture" folder but that's how Sessions are setup in order for the automatic import to work.

  • Jason Patel

    I would also like to just export the settings files alongside where the images already are stored.

    Use case is have a secondary method of storing edits for backup outside of catalog.

  • Roland Rick

    Well, it worked.

    Even without the "Pack As EIP" ticked (C1 14.0.2).

    But it is super inconvenient: by far too many clicks to do. Please add a "Export Folder as Session" function.

    The total bummer: C1 is still not aware of .psb and .afphoto files. If you forget to copy them manually, you're lost.

    There is also till no possibility to export/import the adjustments of a single or selection of images independent of the database structure. Like the XMP files in Lr/ACR.

    Missing also: panorama stitching. The settings of ACR/Lr in the panorama DNGs created by the Adobe products are ignored, even crop and even it is saved into the DNG. This is one of the big benefits of DNG, no XMP needed (as JPG and TIFF). I have no idea, why C1 is not aware of this.

    The lack of panorama stitching and ignorance for .afphoto files still causes me to stuck with the Adobe subscription. That's really bad. As soon Serif comes up with a usable RAW editor and images manager such as Lr/Bridge/C1 are, this means "bye-bye C1".


  • FirstName LastName

    This isn't working for me. I've followed the guide carefully, but the images are not loading once I open the new session. Any suggestions?

    EDIT 1:
    The workaround I've found was to export as .EIP and start an import of the newly exported files from the new session capture folder.

    EDIT 2:
    I spoke too early, the new session only generates low-res previews and no matter what I do, they won't load properly.

    I have tried:
    - regenerating previews
    - unpacking the EIPs
    - regenerating previews after the unpacking
    - importing as raw instead of EIP
    - moving EIPs or RAWs to capture folder instead of importing
    - exporting from catalog to capture folder,
    and all of the above in different order, multiple times. Nothing works...

    I've checked the raw files and they look fine outside Capture One.

    Besides the one listed above, this is another procedure I've followed, and the result is low res-previews.

    Please help!


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