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Using Hot Folder with Canon cameras


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  • Mitty

    Hi, I am just testing wifi tethering and session / hot folder with Canon R6. I am using EOS Utility and there isnt those three options in preferences. In main windows, I go Remote shooting. I setup destination folder to Capture folder of the Session, Enable Hot Folder, photos are importing to folder, but now automatically to Capture One. I have to switch folders in Library to show new import. That isnt good.
    What should I do? I am searching whole internet and nothing helps. I tried shoot purly raw = nothing, I tried shoot RAW + JPG with importing just JPGs, for quicker view = nothing.
    I want to buy Capture One, but this is important for me. Lightroom works fine in this mode. =( But I want your Capture Pilot server. Its awesome.

    Please if you can, help me =) I have newest Capture One, newest firmware at Canon R6 v 1.3.1 and newest EOS Utility v


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