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Viewing a magnified image



  • Oliver Lob

    You can open the open the Navigator by only right-clicking on the image in the Viewer. It might be different on a mac though !?

  • Lily

    Hi Oliver,

    Thank you for your comment.

    On Mac, the Navigator appears when right-clicking on an image in the Viewer.

  • TomLondon


    There seems to be a bug in the "Fit" function - it never increases the picture beyond 100%, and I suspect it is 100% of the preview size, not the actual picture size. That's an obvious issue on 4k screens and bigger (even the 45MPixel pictures from my D850 look tiny on an 8K monitor). What makes it even worse is that the zoom steps beyond 100% are absurdly large (it jumps to 200 and 400%). It would be really helpful to

    1) Bug Fix: Make the "Fit" function fit the window size no matter what 

    2) Enhancement: Have configurable zoom steps for the mouse wheel and separately for the keyboard. Ideally, haver a modifier key which makes the zoom finer. Suggested solution:

    a) Set the wheel clicks/ Keyboard +/- to double the picture size. That would avoid the average photographer to work out the n-th square root of 2 to enter into the respective dialogue. When turning the wheel, always multiply or divide the zoom factor by the respective multiplier. 

    b) When pressing the Shift button at the same time, subdivide the steps further (configurable or fixed level).

  • Gabriel Webster

    Hi. I just installed Capture One 22, and the scroll-to-zoom functionality doesn't appear to work anymore. I confirmed that in Preferences, I have checked "Zoom with scroll wheel". It worked in Capture One 21. To be clear, I'm on a Mac with a trackpad so "scroll" means a two-fingered up/down gesture. Is this a bug or by design? Given that the preference check box still exists, I assume it's a bug. How can I get this resolved?


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