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The Viewer modes



  • FirstName LastName

    The Viewer has a super annoying sidebar menu that pops up any time the cursor briefly hovers over the left side of the Viewer window. When using the Viewer on a separate monitor, this sidebar pops up every time the mouse passes across to the adjacent monitor. This super annoying sidebar has no purpose since it is a duplicate of the main screen sidebar, and any time it pops up it will obscure the Viewer window. Our stylists have to ask the digitech to close the undesired sidebar pop-up at least 10 times per day because it is blocking the view of the Viewer. Who asked for this feature in the first place? Nobody? I cannot find any way to disable this super annoying and useless pop-up sidebar. 

  • Lori Linstruth

    How in God's name do I make the thumbnails in the viewer (not Browser) smaller? I can only see max 12 images at a time, and can't for the life of me figure out how to make the grid of images smaller. What am I missing? I'd like to be able to see at least 25 images at a time in the VIEWER.

  • Mitchell Mylius

    That annoying sidebar has haunted me for a while. What I found works is arranging the displays so the monitor is on the left side of the main display so when the mouse hovers over it will enter the external display from the right side and never really touch the left side.

  • Vincent Van den Dries

    It's honestly the most annoying thing that you cannot see more then 12 images at the same time..

  • Jonathan Richardson

    I am struggling to toggle the primary/multi view within the viewer window using a shortcut. I've tried programming a few different keys, but it still only seems to work in the main window. I don't know if this is a glitch or something I'm doing wrong.


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