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Exporting a Catalog



  • Martin Piccinati

    Hi Lily!

    I exported a folder to a new catalog and it only exported those pictures that were starred. I need to export all... is that possible? Thank you!!

  • Lily

    Hi Martin,


    Thank you for the comment.

    Please let me know which kind of User Collection (Album, Smart Album, Group, Project) did you export?

  • Martin Piccinati

    Hi Lili,

    I was trying to reorder my catalog by creating a new one for each project, because the one and only handling everything was about 100GB... 

    What I did was right click on a folder and "Export as Catalog..."... but I think I figured out, I had the filters ON so I could see only "1 Star or Higher" pictures... and CO only exported those picture and not all of them. After cleaning the Advanced Search... I was able to export all, starred or not.


  • David Bleeker


    I export a folder with sub-folders as instructed above,

    All I get is a folder with absolutely nothing in it.

    This export as a catalogue only works for me when exporting a single folder with files. I running the latest version of Capture One!


  • Lily

    Hi David,

    Thanks for your question.

    When importing a folder which also has subfolders, make sure to checkmark the option Include Subfolders to keep the folder structure.

  • Kaffeepause

    Hi Lily,

    I hobe, you can help me with the following issue: I wanted to export subfolders from my main catalog for backup reasons.

    So I selected the folder for 2018 which contains subfolders. In the context menue I selected "Export as catalog". Unfortunately I didn't get the option for including subfolders. The exported catalog doesn't have any subfolders. But I want to retain the subfolder hierarchy of the 2018 folder.

    Unfortunately a search in the manual for a solution was without success. So I kindly ask for help. Did I miss anyting?

    Thank You very much in advance.

  • Maryna Sopilniak

    Hi Matthias, 

    Thank you for your comment. 

    I have converted your request to a support request.

    The Support Team will get back to you via the ticket soon. 

  • Kaffeepause

    Hi Maryna,

    thank you very much for your assistance.



  • Fernando Santos

    Hi Lily! I have a problem (and I've tried different things to fix it): I have a huge catalog, so it takes many minutes to charge and select pictures, so I need to use different catalogs not to have that amount of images in one. The problem is that the changes done to the images (RAW and JPEG on Capture One 21 & 22) are NOT imported to the catalog even if I select the option "import settings":

    As you can see, when I import the images in a new catalog, I have it selected:

    And the changes aren't imported:

    Even if I export the folder as a catalog with the original files, the problem persists.

    How can I fix it?

    Thanks in adavance

  • Kelly Karpinski

    Hello. I do not have the subfolder option. Capture one 21. Please help. Thanks

  • Marvin Remlinger

    Hi, i have the same problem as two of the users above, when i want to export a folder with subfolders as a new catalog, i don't get the option to include subfolders. This would be critical for me as it's an unusable mess without. I would apreciate some help with that, thanks.


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