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Deleting a Catalog



  • FirstName LastName

    What a useless answer.  It is obvious to any regular computer user that the catalogue can be deleted at the OS level.  The real question is "How do I remove the catalogue names from the start up screen?" ... seeing as the application is too dumb to check that the catalogues exist before it offers them.  

  • Mathieu Bosa

    Can't believe this is the only way... And it's supposed to be a professional software...
    Ok, it's probably the most powerful, but it's also super painful... Probably the most counter intuitive of the whole market. 

  • Kal Termanini

    Has this been resolved?  its a little silly that you cant delete a catalog and starting a fresh one without having to delete all your images at the same time.  I need to start a fresh catalog and just have ONE catalog with my entire library and then manage the files within that.  Please include this feature in a future update.  it would be very helpful to us folks with OCD



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