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Adopting a Session workflow



  • Steve Oakley

    too bad this doesn't actually work. it results in all the original files then being duplicated on import. the devs really don't get simple bare bones no extra files, folders, leave things where they are don't mess with anything workflow. I don;t care about search, I have Neofinder for that. I don't use albums or favs. I'd be happy to see them _removed_ from my sight entirely as UI hubris.

  • Ken Udle

    I'd love to see an article describing a workflow for a project that might span a number of months. Assume culling and development through to final selections would take place at different times. Would each capture be imported to a Single session? Can all necessary work selecting and processing files be done within the session? At what point and how would the finished project be added to the main catalog?

  • Lily

    Hi Ken,

    Thank you for the comment and the suggested idea for an article on managing long-term projects.

    When shooting tethered, you may want to select the location for captured images with the Next Capture Location tool. Read more about that in this article -

    It is possible to work on your captures within one Session but you can also create other Sessions to separate your projects if needed.

    Note that making adjustments and processing/exporting the variants/originals can be made within the Session workflow.

    Once you have finished working on adjustments and want to save the images in a separate folder on your computer, you can simply export them by selecting in the main menu Image -> Export Images -> Originals/Variants. Read more about exporting images here -

  • Lily

    Hi Bill,

    When working with Sessions in Capture One, you actually do not have to import images but you can simply navigate the folder you need in the Library tool. Under the Folders, you will see the actual folder structure as in the Finder/Explorer. The adjustments you make with the images will be saved in the Settings folder which will be located where your images are.

  • Bill

    Is there a way to use Capture One with my existing folders that are by date, i.e. 2018-05 Vietnam, 2017-01 Yellowstone, etc. ?

    Or, do I have to create the 4 subfolders in each of these folders and then import the images into the Capture subfolder of each one so I end up with something like:

    >2018-05 Vietnam > Capture folder with images

    >2017-01 Yellowstone > Capture folder with images

    I would much rather leave my existing file structure the way it is and just edit with Capture One there.  How can I do that?


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