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Folders in Catalogs



  • Howard Whitaker

    As a newbie (coming over from Aperture), I'm having trouble grasping the organization of photo files. It might help to have some sort of diagram so show how "Catalogs" and "Sessions" and "Albums," etc., relate to each other. I'll look for a video tutorial in hopes of getting more help.

    It would be helpful to see an example. I want to be able to access groups of photos and work on them in Cap1. What's the first step? etc.

    Or would it be simpler to keep my photos in my Mac's "Photos?"

  • Lily

    Hi Howard,

    Thank you for the comment.

    Catalogs and Sessions allow organizing your workflow depending on your projects and preferences. Read more about the Catalogs here and about Session here.

    Meanwhile, Albums are virtual folders that help in structuring your workflow and organizing images. Read more about the virtual organization of images here.

    Thank you for the suggestion regarding the diagrams and examples showing the relation of Catalogs and Albums, for instance. That indeed might be helpful for users to have the graphical representation of the file organization.

  • Daniela Argandoña

    Not a newbie in this program and I still find it's "Library" cumbersome... Why can't it just read my disk structure per se?

    Same as Bridge for example, or On1 Photo Raw... I love editing in C1, but having to make a new Catalog each and every time I want to work on a new project or session is always a mess.

    I do have external disc drives, therefore I first import all my new photos to the drive, A- And even A and B if they are important sessions. It would be so much easier, just to read the folder heriarchy...  Oh well, whishes only :) 

  • Lily

    Hi Daniela,

    Thank you for the comment.

    Please, note that the Library tool acts like Finder/Exporer of the corresponding OS when you are using Sessions.

  • FirstName LastName

    All I want to do is -  find my folders open them and start working - I'm also finding it very confusing - In Photoshop bridge its so simple - find your file open in Raw - done - and I know where I'm working from desktop or hard drive

    I really don't want to put in new folders Cats, Sesh etc - 

    Maybe its me  - please show me a simple way to just open and work



  • Lily


    You do not necessarily need to import images when you are working in Sessions not Catalogs.

    So in case you prefer this kind of workflow, please create a Session and navigate to the Library tool. Under the Folders, you will see the actual folder structure (like in Finder/Explorer) where you can navigate to any files you need and simply start working with those. Please note that the files with the settings (about adjustments) will be saved in the same folder where your images are located.

  • Jan van Holten

    I upload my images in to the COP library. I'll create projects and within these projects I make several albums. When moving some images from one album to another, COP makes copies of them. Why?? I don't want a copy, I just wants to replace them. And when I kick the originals images into the bin, the copy is also gone. So, then I have to drag it out of the bin in to the album wich I had in mind. Organizing the library can be so much easier, even when not all users have the same way of doing that.

    Sorry for this message, maybe on the wrong place but did'nt know how start een new topic.

    Thank you.

  • TonyB

    I have a folder structure on a dedicated hard drive. In Lightroom, I can see the structure exactly as it is in Explorer, with all folders collapsed. I can open and close folders to access sub-folders - no problem. HOWEVER, in C1 I also see the folder hierarchy, but it is expanded, not just the folder I want to expand, but ALL folders - and I have a lot. I can see no way to collapse all the folders, then just open and close those I wish to access. The 3-dots menu at the top of the Library column allows me to expand the hierarchy, but not collapse it. Menu Image/Collapse All doesn't seem to do anything. I have an extensive library of folders and being unable to navigate them as I could so easily in LR is driving me to frustration. I am about to switch from LR, but this could be a deal-breaker. Please help

  • ManuaVS

    I am looking for a way to place folders in an alphanumeric order.
    See the image below.
    I want the C10 folder to appear after the C9.
    Is there a way to do that ?

  • Eberhard Gronau

    @ManuaVS: try to name your folders C01, C02....,C09, C10 instead of C1, C2...

    This should C10 after C09.


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