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Adopting tokens in naming dialogs



  • Peter Johnson

    Hi Lily,

    Further to my support request earlier today in which I asked why renaming a '.mov' file with the Batch Rename 'Image Date' token resulted in the 'Hours' component being 10 hours less than the actual 'mov' file creation date.

    I checked the file metadata and found that the 'Encoded date' was the same as the file 'Created' date and the hours component is 10 hours more than C1 applied during renaming. I also used a different program (A Better Finder Rename) to perform the same task and it got the 'Hours' component correct.

    Could a possible reason for the error in the C1 renaming process be that I am in Queensland, Australia where the time zone is GMT+10?

    Does C1 subtract the time zone value from the Hours value when renaming using the 'Image Date' token?


    Peter J

  • Lily

    Hi Peter,

    Thank you for the comment.

    When the "Image Date" token is used, Capture One takes the data from the Metadata tool.

    Please, let me know what is shown in the Date field of the Metadata tool.

    I suppose that might be also connected with the camera settings and the country of the manufacturer.

    If you have this information, that might be also helpful in this situation.



  • Peter Johnson

    Thanks for replying so promptly Lily.
    As the files I am trying to rename are movie files, they don't contain embedded metadata (or have XMP sidecar files) so the date field is empty as shown in the attached screen grab.
    Both files shown in the screen grab were taken on 23 Oct2013 at around 11:34am but C1 has labelled them as having been taken at 01:34am????
    Hope this helps.

  • Lily

    Hi Peter,

    Thank you for the clarifications provided.

    Capture One can only playback the files of supported movie formats and codecs.

    We have also received several feature requests to be able to work with metadata in video files. All these were forwarded to the Product Management team.

    You should also check if possible which camera settings were at the time of capturing. If the time set on your camera corresponded to another time zone, then that might be an issue.

    This is an example of the metadata checked on my image. I suppose that this "Time zone offset" might be also an issue.

  • Peter Johnson

    Thanks Lily,

    We seem to be on different tracks regarding this issue.

    Your reply gives an example of metadata from a STILL IMAGE.

    My query relates to a MOVIE file. My understanding is that movie files do not contain IPTC or EXIF metatata as can be seen from the C1 screen grab.


    Initially you said:

    'When the "Image Date" token is used, Capture One takes the data from the Metadata tool.

    Please, let me know what is shown in the Date field of the Metadata tool.'


    For all my movie files, the C1 Metadata tool shows all fields are blank (except for Dimensions & Format).

    As can be seen from my screen grab above, C1 displays the 'Basic > Date' field as being empty so I am still confused why C1 responds with 'Hours' component being 10 hours less than the actual 'mov' file creation date.

  • Peter Johnson

    PS. The Creation Date of the movie file is:

    2013-10-23 @ 11;34;12

    and not

    2013-10-23 @ 01;34;12

    which is the result produced by C1.

  • Lily

    Hi Peter,

    If possible, please also extract the metadata from the .mov file to see what is there in the fields Date and Time Offset.

  • Peter Johnson

    Sorry Lily but as far as I can determine, the Fujifilm X-E1 camera does not store any metadata information inside the movie files. Here is a link to the movie file on Dropbox:

    Please have a look at the movie file and maybe this will reveal why C1 has a problem naming the file with the correct 'hour' value. You should see that the file 'Created Date' hour value is '11' and not '01' that C1 finds.


  • Lily

    Hi Peter,

    I have tested this myself for several different videos as well.

    In all the cases, the data for the Image Date token is associated with the System date and time at the moment when the file appeared on my computer but in GMT time (while its actual creation date either on another computer or on the camera is different). Capture One demosaics image files, but the way it works with video files is different. Video files are supported only for playback.

    As I have mentioned above, there were several requests for working with metadata of the video files in Capture One.

    I have also noticed that the naming format is different on your screenshot (it has ";" symbols in the time) than actually Capture One has. Or did you change that after Batch Renaming?

    Could you please provide a screenshot of the "system: information" after uploading it to the website for metadata extraction


    Also could you please send me a screenshot of how it looks inside Capture One when using the Image Name token (like in the screenshot below).

    That would be highly appreciated.


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