Deleting variants from an Album



  • Hans Knikmqn

    Wondering if this is correct...

    when I drag an b&w variant into an album also the color variant is added to that album. When I delete (cmd+bcksp) the color variant from the album it is also deleted from the original folder of the image!?

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  • FirstName LastName

    I have the same problem and I guess the problem exists already since quite a while ( and I don't know why the support team doesn't do anything to solve it. Or it's just a bug? The article is quite confusing as well! 

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  • Seth Berkowitz

    Still a problem. I accidentally dragged a Variant into the wrong Album. This means it appears in both the original Album, plus the second wrong Album. When I delete it from the wrong Album it gets deleted from both the original Album too.

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