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Adding images to Capture Collections (Catalogs)


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  • Kalin Tabov

    It is astonishing. Every HELP article that I read, while trying to understand "HOW CAPTURE ONE WORKS", has exceptionally high percentage of UNHELPED people according to the survey at the bottom of each page. In this case 20 out of 23 (as of today) took their time to click NO. Were they happy? What do you think? Were they angry? Have they been helped? 

    It is so frustrating to have C1 do something strange on you, and to not be able to get help by the User Guide. The language is very cumbersome, and completely inappropriate for help articles. Please, edit those articles and rewrite them in a way that is more systematic, simple and direct, without heavy sentence structures that start with "Although", "While", "Whether" and that lead you to even more confusion and frustration at the end.


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