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Adding adjustments to captured images



  • Oliver Lane

    Good Evening,

    A while ago I signed up for a subscription with a specific tethered job in mind.  While I was shooting I adjusted an under exposed image by about two stops to check something.  I made some more adjustments to the camera and kept shooting, not realising that Capture One was automatically adding 2 stops of exposure to each subsequent shot meaning that for most of the shoot I was vastly underexposing without being aware of this as on the screen they appeared to be correct, is this a default characteristic or have I done something wrong?  It did damage the dark tones but after many hours of re adjusting the files in Photoshop I managed to rescue them so the client was thankfully unaware.

    This issue put me off Capture One for quite a while but I have another project requiring live view so I thought I would try again and maybe purchase again for this project however the same is happening again, when I crop for instance the next image captured has the same crop and it is driving me up the wall!

    My question is as there is no option to select 'None' only 'Defaults' does this add any adjustments upon capture if I have adjusted the previous?

    Many thanks, Ollie

  • Lily

    Hi Oliver,

    Thank you for your comment.

    This happened as the Copy from Last option is set by default so that any adjustments applied in the previous shot are also applied to the next one(s).

    Instead, you should set the Next Capture Adjustments field to Defaults. In this case, Capture One will not use any adjustments from previous images.

  • Oliver Lane

    Hi Lily,

    Thank you very much for your reply, Capture One now purchased :-)


  • David Weir

    In Capture One 22 I was trying to use the Copy specific from Last... option, so that I could apply a few useful corrections to captures of B&W negatives.  Every time I select this option the programme crashes,  and it also crashes when I try to select Copy specific from Primary...

    Might be a bug in the new release or I am doing something wrong?




  • Mike Smith

    I noticed the same issue that David was having where the application crashes anytime "copy from specific last" or "copy from specific primary" is selected. His comment is from two years ago, why has this still an issue?


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