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Adjusting Kelvin and Tint sliders



  • Richard Pelletier

    I understand the use of the eyedropper in setting the Kelvin (blue to yellow) portion of white balance.  What I don't understand is why isn't there some similar technique to assist in setting the Tint (green to magenta) portion of white balance. 

    Sometimes I use the eyedropper and the image is corrected in kelvin but made much worse in tint.

    I remember using a viewing a color bar chart on my old TV through a blue filter to adjust the tint.  Can't something be developed in the software to perform the blue filter function or whatever. 

    Some images I can do fairly quickly and confidently by eye, but others take time and have low confidence that they really look right.

    Capture One makes the color look better than any other software I've ever used.  Just hoping to learn how to get consistently great color even more quickly and confidently.

  • Johnnie Chen

    Excuse me, i have a question : so why color temperature of an image within the range of 800 to 14000 degrees Kelvin ? Not from 2000 to 50000 Kelvins ?
    Hope so you give me an answer as soon as possible.

  • Zak Moore

    I just submitted a "request" for the above...  ID #145610

  • Zak Moore

    Here is a video I made showing you the issue... Many thanks... :)


  • Zak Moore

    Hi there. Can you tell me please why I cannot manually set the "tint" level beyond -50 or 50+, but when I use the white balance picker, it is able to go outside these boundaries? The issue this causes is that when it does (and I am thankful it does as it needs too) but I need to adjust it slightly, I cannot, it jumps back to either end of the manual scale giving me something that is completely unusable. I have to then try to find something I can "pick" in the image and end up having to accept something that is less desirable. 

    Also, it appears that in the same situations when using the white balance picker, the "kelvin" value is going beyond the 14k maximum but actually just showing 14k. I think this because when I go to adjust it slightly it changes hugely, but when i put the value back to 14k the image is completely different and when I select undo it also goes back to stating 14k but clearly it is higher than that based on what just happened prior with me manually setting it.

    If this is the case that when using the white balance picker, it can exceed the values of both the Kelvin and Tint, then we should also manually be able to do this as well? Clearly it is not a constraint of the software to use values outside these minimums/maximums as the automation can. So if you are able to remove the restriction that would be great, thank you.

    I shoot in varying uncontrollable light scenes (Live music concerts) where the colours are incredibly unnatural that I have to correct. and hence why I often need to apply such "off the chart" settings for both of these regularly. Thanks again.


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