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Capture One is not launched



  • GianMarco Tavazzani
    • OpenCl disabled, Capture One restarted and had this message:

      "Connection is invalid.

      Capture One 20 got an error: Connection is invalid. (-609)"

    • Thank you and have a nice Sunday evening ;-)


  • hma_marti

    I have checked the compatibility with my laptop, after installation, still cannot launch capture one 13.1.1.
    Zenbook UX430UN, core i7 8th Gen U, RAM 16GB, MX150 Nvidia, 1080p, Windows 10 v1909.
    I have tried above solutions, still cannot launch.

  • Mikhail Elizarev

    I have encountered this issue.

    None of the above worked. After I've installed redistributable C++ 2015-2019 package from Miscrosoft the problem is gone.

  • Lily

    Hi Mikhail,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Your suggestion was also added to this article.

  • GianMarco Tavazzani

    We stuck in the "Capture One 21 got an error: Connection is invalid. (-609)" error (High Sierra)… and also the "" freezes and hardly can complete its USELESS task!
    What to do? Even the crash report can't be sent!

  • Stefan Enator

    Nothing works. Can not open C1 21 with a catalog generated by C1 21 on Big Sur

  • Melvin Epps

    I had Capture 22 15.4.19 installed on my windows 11 machine and it had been running fine until a couple days ago when I wanted to import a job and it would not load the program I got an error message saying I need to install .Net Runetme 6.0.1 and I download it and I nothing happend I could not get the program to load. So I uninstalled the Capture 22 15.4.19 and loaded and it loaded up and ran fine. I contacted Victor at tech support and he sent me a .Net Runtime 6.0.8 file to install I did that and uninstalled the 15.2.19 and tried reinstalling the 15.4,19 and I got the same error message as before I'm really at my wits end and pulling the little bit of hair out of my head because I just brought a Nikon Z-9 and wanted to import the lossless raw files and can't untill I get the new update! Can someone please advise i really can't afford to loss anymore hair:-(



  • Luis Sayo

    Please help!

    Just upgraded to Ventura 13.0.1 on a macbook M1 max with 64 mb. Capture one 22 keeps crashing. Holding Option and starting the app, and granting full access also crashes...

    The application that supposedly disables OpenCL also does not work 

    Please see below.

  • Eric Pike

    I'm also having the same issue as Luis Sayo. I purchased the full license for Capture One 22 Pro and expect the software to work as long as I need it to. What is going on. Also, the support site layout is extremely unfriendly with respect to finding related issues or logging a complaint. I have current paying clients waiting on work. Need help ASAP - but I don't intend or need to upgrade to 23!!!

  • Eric Pike

    Luis Sayo

    I had to go to my account page and selected download capture one: 


    When you arrive on the next screen to download, scroll down to get to the Download Previous Version: 



    The command prompts then direct you to the most recent update to Capture One 22. Reloading the app fixed the error. Hope this helps!!!



  • FirstName LastName

    I have a problem capture one 22 nov realease will not tether l can see and iv

  • FirstName LastName

    ixCapture is the most unreliable software we operate.  It constantly crashes in the air, gives in air trigger errors, and now WON'T LOAD on any laptop.  

    We've read through all the comments, tried everything, and still nothing.  Any other suggestions?  


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