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Adding a destination folder to Session Favorites



  • Sanjay Roye

    Hi, I had one observation. When I process the image in Sessions and my default processed image goes to the Sessions Output sub-folder, I have noticed that the same image when processed as TIFF image exactly mirrors the final processed image, but the JPEG high quality save, becomes more saturated in the Output folder!!  Is this normal or am I doing something wrong. I process at the same time ticking both the image recipes at the same time, so there should not be a susceptible saturated change to the image when viewed in the outputs folder.





  • Lily

    Hi Sanjay,

    Thank you for your comment.

    The Process Recipe settings for each recipe differ, so various ICC profiles and settings in the Adjustments tab are applied. Subsequently, the same variant processed with several recipes might result in the output files looking slightly different.

    If possible, please provide the screenshots of the settings in the recipes along with the screenshots of processed variants in TIFF and JPEG formats.


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