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What is the difference between a referenced and a managed Catalog?


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  • Reto Tuchschmid

    Question, why does a referenced catalog, which also creates and stores previews and thumbnails for performance reason, work offline but still accesses the referenced storage when opened?  This is a performance killer which I don't understand.

    I have my referenced pictures on a Synology and the catalog local on my SurfaceBook.  When I'm offline, the catalog opens in nothing.  All thumbnails and previews are there.  I can edit, I can work (not export).  If I'm connected to my network (1000 Ethernet) I have to wait until my 20k pictures have been loaded.  Every filter action and even scrolling reads from the Synology!  And that is a pain and not understood.  You can hear the HD getting active and you also see it in the disk and network metering.  Why does C1 not read from the local cache (like when offline) and only access the (single) original source file when really needed in the background?


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